Paula Goolkasian - Perception and Human Performance

The Perception Lab is a 3-room suite that is designed for research in perception and human performance. The lab houses a variety of research projects in visual attention and perception.

Professor Emeritus

Recent Projects

Effects of Presentation Format on Working Memory
We compare participants recall of material presented as pictures, spoken words and printed words.   These findings contribute to our understanding of working memory by identifying the influence of format, modality, and length of to-be-remembered material on processing and storage components of a dual task. The results have implications for both Web-based and classroom instruction.

Conceptual Priming with Ambiguous Figures
Primes are presented in varied formats and we investigate their impact on recognition of ambiguous figures. This project investigates the degree to which semantically related primes can influence object perception.

Pain Reactions of Chronic Pain patients
A number of projects with chronic pain patients have also been conducted in the lab.  We have worked with patients suffering from fibromyalgia and pain associated with the upper spine.  We developed and validated a Neck Pain Scale and have run several studies evaluating the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy and Botox injections on chronic pain.

Conceptual representation of Urban areas
This is a joint project with researchers in architecture and computer science. The goal is to study how people conceptualize a city and to use that knowledge to develop smart maps.

Copies of recent publications describing research work in the lab are available here.