Celine Latulipe - Human Computer Interaction Lab

This project involves designing and running user studies to test this hypothesis by isolating the two effects of the ToneZone rectangle (the motor manipulation and the spatial memory cue effects).

Human Computer Interaction Lab

Current Research Title : Visual Feedback as Spatial Memory Cues in Digital Photo Manipulation

The symTone application allows people to edit digital photos using two hands (controlling two computer mice). The users control the position and size of a rectangle (the ToneZone) that is super-imposed over the photo. By adjusting the rectangle, the image is modified. I hypothesize that the rectangle acts in two ways: to facilitate motor coordination between the two hands and as a spatial memory cue during image exploration. The latter idea is that the rectangle acts as a memory cue so that while exploring possible image modifications the user can quickly return the rectangle to a configuration where the image looked good. More information >>