Research Laboratories

Research Opportunities in Cognitive Science

Research opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students are available in a number of laboratories affiliated with the Cognitive Science program. Interested students can contact affiliated faculty members to inquire about current opportunities or the program director for general guidance. Undergraduate credit can be earned by enrolling in independent research in any one of the disciplines that participate in cognitive science (PSYC 3806, PHIL 3859, ITCS/ITIS 4230, or ENGL 3852). Graduate credit can be earned by enrolling in Readings & Research, (PSYC 6899/8899), Individual study, (ITCS 8880, 8990), thesis or dissertation research.

A sample of active research labs affiliated with the program is presented below. More details about research conducted by individual faculty members can be found in the list of faculty affiliates.


Faculty Directed Labs in Cognitive Science


Celine Latulipe - Human Computer Interaction Lab, Human Computer Interaction Lab
John Gero - Design Cognition Lab, Design Cognition Lab
Mark Faust - Cognitive Neuroscience & Control Processes, Associate Professor/Director of Cognitive Science
Marvin Coy - Human Reasoning, Problem Solving, and Intelligent Tutoring, Human Reasoning, Problem Solving, and Intelligent Tutoring
Mary Michael - Languague Lab, Language Lab
Paula Goolkasian - Perception and Human Performance, Professor Emeritus